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Tire Repair

Damaged Tire? Take Advantage of SNK Tires and General Repair Ltd's Tire Repair

Have you suffered a flat tire? You may assume you need to have the tire replaced, which can be costly (especially as it is usually best to change out two, if not all four tires at the same time). However, there is a chance you don't need to replace the tire at all. Often times, tires can be repaired. Tire repair in Scarborough, ON is available for you at SNK Tires and General Repair Ltd.


When you bring your vehicle in the tire will be inspected. Typically a flat tire is from a nail. Nail holes are easily patched, giving you your tire back without the need to replace it. As long as there is not extensive damage to the tire it can be repaired. After the tire is inspected you will be told whether it can be patched or if it should be replaced for safety concerns. However, whenever it comes to tire repair and tire replacement needs, make sure to bring your vehicle into SNK Tires and General Repair Ltd.

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