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Tire Rotation

Keep Your Tires Consistent With A Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is a small maintenance step that makes a big difference in the life of your tires. As you drive your tires run differently. Because you are more likely to turn right than left your right tire will run down faster. Due to this, you will want to have your tires rotated every few months. This keeps your tires running smoothly, which will improve handling performance, help you stop faster, and increase your fuel economy.


At SNK Tires and General Repair Ltd, tire rotation is just one of the features offered. Your tires can be rotated, changed, repaired, as well as your wheels worked on and aligned. In some instances, your back tires will be larger than your front tires (this is more likely when you drive a truck, but it can also be a feature car manufacturers offer with performance cars as well). When the tires are different sizes the tire rotation will occur with the two on the front rotating together and the two on the back rotating together. Whatever your tire rotation needs in Scarborough are though, you'll receive it at SNK Tires and General Repair Ltd.

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